Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thinking Words

I cut this column out from the Freep several years ago and it still resonates for me and maybe for you too.

"I will be generous toward those I love, but I will not attempt to buy with money what can only be purchased with my time.

Having said that, I will remember that my time, like my money, is limited, and I will spend it thoughtfully.

I will post no package or card out of guilt or social obligation, so all my gifts should arrive without strings attached.

I will not have "one for the road," even when the day has been long and the road is short.

I will not hesitate to break traditions that no longer make sense - or to inaugurate new ones that do.

I will make sure my son knows whose ladder we are climbing and that heaven is not sponsored by Nintendo."

Brian Dickerson
Detroit Free Press

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