Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twister Tuesday

Today was a very hectic day.  Lots to accomplish before we leave for Mexico.  I worked this morning, went for a mani/pedi, stopped by Target.  Okay, now there's a laugh.  Who just stops by Target?  Even in my "I'm just getting 2 DVD's for W&M for the flight" I ended up with 2 plain t-shirts for M, beach cover up for M, and these great sandals for me.

This is the new "Miss Trish of Capri" line for Target.  There are gold turtles encrusted with gems, thinking these are perfect for the trip.  Went home to meet the bus, took W to a friend's.  M needed another bathing suit and for beach/pool she only likes tankinis.  We did find two at Gap Kids - wanted Lilly but no tankinis in yet at our local store.  Also, got 2 nightgowns because the summer pj's didn't fit.  No dinner was planned, so we went to our standby quick dinner stop, Kerby's Koney Island.  M is off to swim team practice with hubby and W and I are going to watch American Idol and then I look forward to Housewives of NYC.  Love those ladies, wonder who's stirring up the pot this week.  TTFN

Monday, March 30, 2009

Final Four Baby!

So proud of Coach Izzo and the Spartans!!  Two big victories over the weekend sends them back to the Final Four.  Yesterday's game was amazing.  The team played awesome, so much enthusiasm and determination.  Goran  Suton was unbelievable.  I'm enjoying the victory today because who knows what the next game will bring. I'll be watching
MSU v. UCONN Saturday at 6:07 p.m. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Definitely Diet Coke

For as long as I can recall, I am a Diet Coke snob.  It's my preferred non-alcoholic beverage. I could be offered a free life time supply of beverages from the "other one" and I'd decline.  When at a restaurant I will always order Diet Coke, if the server says, we have the other one, I will ask for water and make a request that the restaurant consider switching to Coke products.  The server will usually indicate most guests prefer Coke.  Even my beloved Spartan stadium has gone to the "dark side" which greatly disappoints me, but I believe that decision was all about the money.

Now, I have no incentive to endorse, support or promote Diet Coke.  But I've recently discovered through my friend SV, that there's this great program called Coke Rewards.  Yes, you enter the codes on the bottle caps of any Coke product or the tear off opening on 12 packs and earn points to "win" prizes.  SV tells me this has been going on forever.  I NEVER knew.  Perhaps I was so desperate for a drink, all the advertising just passed me by.  Now I have more incentive to imbibe - like I needed it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm the Winner!

Yes, I won the beautiful pink and green crystal necklace that
included in her giveaway.  I feel so lucky !!  Thanks Kristin.
Be sure to check out her website to see all her great jewelry.

Maid Service

I'm one of those people that would like to have cleaning service, but it just doesn't work for me.  
I find myself cleaning for the cleaning people and then inspecting and re-cleaning after they've left because it just wasn't the way I wanted it.  Oh, yes, I'm a clean-freak.  Anybody else relate?

Since I do my own cleaning at our home and our cottage I enjoy using all the cleaning products from Method.  The products smell good, are non toxic and are environmentally friendly.  The packaging is also attractive.  The stainless steel wipes are the best - no streaking.  I also discovered by accident that one of the founders of the company is the brother of a college friend.  You can find Method products at Target.  Happy cleaning!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet Tea Diaries - Giveway

Link over to Sweet Tea Diaries 

She is giving away a beautiful needlepoint headband from Tucker Blair.

This is my fav!

Chinese Wine

Last night was W&M's annual school auction, which seemed to be a huge success.  As PTO co-treasurer, I was accepting payment from winning bidders and there were several large checks!  Thank you parents.

Well, of course, I got some goodies.  One in particular has turned out to be very interesting.  I was the high bidder on a treasure trove of goodies from Whole Foods packaged nicely in a recycled, reusable tote, which M took to school today.  While unpacking the tote this morning, I looked more closely at the bottle of wine
It's from China!
Who knew that China had vineyards.
It's a 1998 cab, wonder if it was a good year?  I'll keep you posted.
I love the Chinese characters on the label.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glutes Schmutes

Okay, so I've decided the treadmill wasn't enough.  I broke down yesterday and bought:

I even did the workout.  It's 40 minutes and you are working the entire time.  Yes, I was sweating in the basement.  You even get to use hand weights for added fun!  She works your "trouble zones" - bum, legs, abs, arms.  I am a little stiff this morning, but I think I'll go back for more.  Find Jillian at Target for $14.99, she's in the fitness section, not the video section.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love the Library

Who do we have to thank for the public lending library?

Ben Franklin

In 1731, Benjamin Franklin and 50 of his friends founded The Library Co. of Philadelphia so people of moderate means could better themselves through reading.

I've rediscovered my local public library.  Check yours out.  Books, audio books, videos, magazines, computers, most for free with your library card.  Our library does charge a modest rental fee for the NYT bestsellers.  Visit your library's website and make sure the book you want is available - if it's not, place a hold and you can be e-mailed when it's checked in.

Bored with your local library, visit the library in the next town or the city where you work. Oh don't forget about the great used book store in the library too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gorgeous Giveaway

Check out the beautiful necklace that Summer in Newport is giving away  in honor of her 100th follower.  Kristin's jewelry is so pretty and would look great with any summer outfit.  Think white t and khaki shorts/skirt or any Lilly.


Monday, March 23, 2009

It's all new to me

After reading and following so many thought provoking, funny, motivating and joyful blogs I have decided to join in the fun!  I'm ready for this adventure and I know it's going to be great.