Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twister Tuesday

Today was a very hectic day.  Lots to accomplish before we leave for Mexico.  I worked this morning, went for a mani/pedi, stopped by Target.  Okay, now there's a laugh.  Who just stops by Target?  Even in my "I'm just getting 2 DVD's for W&M for the flight" I ended up with 2 plain t-shirts for M, beach cover up for M, and these great sandals for me.

This is the new "Miss Trish of Capri" line for Target.  There are gold turtles encrusted with gems, thinking these are perfect for the trip.  Went home to meet the bus, took W to a friend's.  M needed another bathing suit and for beach/pool she only likes tankinis.  We did find two at Gap Kids - wanted Lilly but no tankinis in yet at our local store.  Also, got 2 nightgowns because the summer pj's didn't fit.  No dinner was planned, so we went to our standby quick dinner stop, Kerby's Koney Island.  M is off to swim team practice with hubby and W and I are going to watch American Idol and then I look forward to Housewives of NYC.  Love those ladies, wonder who's stirring up the pot this week.  TTFN

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  1. You are so funny *and* so right about "Who just stops by Target?" I hope you have a fabulous time in Mexico!