Friday, May 29, 2009

My New Job ?

While walking to the soda counter in Target, a woman with a small child approached me and asked, "Do you know where the restroom is?"  I was ready to reply, "Sorry, I don't" but she said first, "Oh, I thought you worked here."

Oh yes, you haven't heard about the new Target uniform:
  • Sunglasses on your head
  • Orange tattersall patterned v-neck golf shirt (with club logo)
  • Khaki golf skort
  • Navy espadrilles with navy/white pom-poms (yes, those cute Kate Spade ones @ Rue La La)
  • Hot pink purse
How about that Target employee discount?


  1. Sounds MUCH cuter than the current Target uniforms! Don't you just wonder about people sometimes?

  2. That is so funny! Did she feel embarassed or apologize?

  3. Hahahaha love it!!!

    And btw your outfit sounds adorable!! :)

  4. Too funny! The discount would be nice!!

  5. ahh yes, I heard they changed the Target Uniforms to Summer Chic!

  6. LOLOL! You could have said "Gee, what part of my outfit gave it away?" Some people....

    Okay, I want to make sure you got my message that it was NOT BabyGirl in that picture kissing the pig! (I'm still worried that you are thinking that!) ha ha...

  7. Don't you just hate that?! I was wearing a VV dress in TJ Maxx the other day and was TRYING ON a pair of shoes when a woman asked me where the plus-size section was and then said "Oh, i thought you worked here!" People are weirdos. Outfit sounds TOO cute!

  8. Has happened to me too at Macy's. Maybe I look so comfortable and am usually carrying more than a normal amount of clothing that they think I am cleaning out the dressing room.

  9. LOL...if you can figure out how to get that discount without actually having to work at Target, please let me know. ;-)