Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tech Gift

I love to read.

I am an information junkie.

Hubby is hooked on electronics (kinda like hooked on phonics)

What do you think my Mother's Day gift was?

I am so excited...for my Kindle to arrive!

This is a huge leap for me because I really do love the entire book experience from browsing, buying, prioritizing reading order, holding -- but I'm riding the technology wave.  Now I know how all the "old lawyers" felt when we asked them to use electronic research with LexisNexis instead of using their beloved books!   Has anyone else made the leap? -- curious to hear how it's going.


  1. My brother in law has it and loves it!

    I still check out books from the Library...not that I'm not into technology...I just don't want to buy books!

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. WOW! I am so jealous. I want one of these so bad. Infact a lady behind me on the plane had one and I was stariing in awe( my husband thinks I am crazy). I did manage to ask a few questions and she thought she wouldn't be able to get past not having the book she works in publishing but she loves it! Enjoy and keep us posted.

  3. I keep seeing this on amazon, but I do not think I am ready to take the leap yet. I love the feel of paper books. Let us know how it works!

  4. I know the feeling exactly! I've been wavering over this and am anxious to see how you like it...

  5. I have a kindle 2 and I LOVE it! As for the feel of reading a book, I suggest getting a case for it that opens like a book. The Kindle usually sits on the right side. It magically transforms the kindle into a "real" book- after a few pages, I pressed "next page" and looked to the left side of the case because I expected there to be new text there! I completely forgot that I wasn't reading an actual book. Congratulations on your new toy!!

  6. We haven't done this yet but we're *really* curious! The bigger size one that is supposed to work better with newspapers has us intrigued.

    Enjoy yours!