Monday, May 4, 2009

Gordon Gekko

I was very excited to read that Wall Street 2 will be hitting the big screen in summer 2010. In 1987 when Wall Street debuted, I was a junior in college and this movie, in my opinion, had such an impact on my generation.  I loved this movie.  It seemed more than ever, everyone wanted to get an MBA and head to the real Wall St. and capitalize on the famous Gordon Gekko line, "Greed is good."  We were/are the generation of "I need more".  GG was a trendsetter too, remember this look?

Michael Douglas will be back as Wall Street's cut throat trader, Gordon Gekko.  Appears there are talks with Shia LeBeouf to take the role of Gordon's newest apprentice.  With all the great material ripped from today's headlines, I can't wait to see where Oliver Stone takes us.    

Do you have a movie that speaks to your generation?   Caddyshack doesn't count :)


  1. I loved that movie and thought Mr. Douglas was so hot!

  2. I too, thought Mr. G. was a hottie and will be excited to see if he still is as an "older" money man.