Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nominated & Elected

This school year I have been serving as co-treasurer for the PTO at W & M's school.  I was nominated for PTO Vice-President and was elected into "office" last night for school year 09-10. Part of me is grateful for the confidence the parents have in my ability to effectively lead BUT another part of me is like "oh, no!".  From being active in the PTO, I have met many great parents and have enjoyed working with the school staff and administration.
Who am I kidding-- I'm getting all the dirt on everything happening in that school!
Bring it on baby!  It's good to be in the know.


  1. Congratulations. I have been the PTO President at my children's school too. It is great experience and you will enjoy it. Lots of dirt and we had a lot of fighting. We did build a $100K soccer field all funded by donations from parents (this is for a public school). Always interesting and people are not always at their best when advocating for their kids.