Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She Makes Me Laugh

 Kathy Griffin My Life on The D-List is one of my escape tv shows.  My life seems so buttoned up and Kathy gives me a chance to laugh at unpredictable, outrageous and what I think is funny stuff.  I am not a fan of swearing, but somehow coming from Kathy it doesn't bother me -- it may shock me at times, but I'm glued to the show - like not being able to take your eyes off the trainwreck.

Season 5 debuted last night on Bravo and Kathy was hanging out with Bette Midler in Vegas.  Kathy didn't let me down!


  1. I never loved her before and then one day I stumbled upon her "She'll cut a B*" show and for some strange reason I loved it!! I'm totally going to have to check her show out!!!

  2. Remember her on News Radio? She has become somewhat crass in her latest comedic attempts, but is fun, I'll agree!

  3. i think she's hysterical!! cannot wait to catch the new season!