Saturday, June 27, 2009

Locked Out & Up

Locked Out
The kids, dog and I headed out Friday morning....farmer's market, Moka for coffee/treats, went to King Orchards and bought freshly picked strawberries (it was too hot to pick our own), stopped by the kid's camp to get new sweatshirts -- 3 hrs later, roll up the driveway, click open the garage as usual, get out of car, TRY to open the house door and it's LOCKED !!  This door is NEVER locked -- I have no key and we haven't put out the "hidden" key yet.  Hubby has a key but is out of state.  All windows are shut & locked b/c we've been using the a/c.  screened in porch is all locked up.  I was not a happy cottage mom, but it was interesting to me that W (my oldest @ 9 yrs) admitted to locking the door by accident.  This was a big step b/c he prefers to place blame on anybody but himself.  

We do have a caretaker and I called him, he was at a job about 45 mins away and had our key with him.  Everybody back in the car.  The hidden key is now in place and a key has been added to my fob.

Locked Up
Hubby flew in to TC last night and we all met for dinner at Trattoria Stella -- which is in a former state mental hospital -- yeah, a little crazy.   The building & grounds are beautiful.  The menu changes daily and printed at the top of the menu you know what local ingredients are being used and from which farms.  The service is top notch, but not too fussy.  It's a true gem in this era of chain restaurants. The restaurant is in the area where food & supplies were stored:

Here's the entire "campus":

If you find yourself in Traverse City in Northern Michigan, I highly recommend "Stella".  So I've now been locked out and locked up!


  1. Oh dear, that happened to me once. Came home and locked out. My Little Baseball Guy climbed the side porch and opened the old french door leading to the dining room. I was shocked because it was always locked. Well lo and behold, the lock was broken, we didn't know it but somehow this little guy did...hmmm so in we went!

  2. I've been to that retaurant! It is such a prettyplace, but a bit spooky! LOL.

  3. My brother goes to Trattoria Stella every year for his birthday- it's his fave in all of TC. Glad you had fun. Sorry about the lock-out- I've done it more than once :P