Thursday, June 4, 2009

ALL Day Project

Usually I work on Thursday's but not today.  W&M got on the bus, sun is shining, it's time to clean the very noticeable layer of dust from the wood window blinds.  Yes, call me crazy.  This is the kind of dust that the swiffer just can't handle - believe me I've tried.

Put on wellies (w/my shorts - very attractive, but practical)
Get ladder
Get bucket/soap/towels
Clear spot on deck

Laundry room & Kitchen-
Blinds down, washed, dried, rehung.

This is working.

Family room-
Decide instead of laying the blind on the deck I'll drape it over the soccer net which is on the deck b/c of the lawnmower guys.  Much easier on the back &  it's kinda drip drying.  Well after doing 2 blinds this way and then taking them back in the house, I notice the twill tapes that run the length of the blinds have RIPPED and therefore the blinds will not pull up or down and look like the lopsided blinds in a dorm room!

Now I don't know whether this ripping is due to sun damage (agree with me here please) OR it's because I draped them over the soccer net and with the weight and the water they ripped.

Went to Joann's bought the "iron on fusing tape" and it seems to be working.  Blinds are hanging up.

Just finished washing the last blind from the family room and I laid it on the deck.  It is now drying in the sun.  Hoping there is no RIP!

Wasn't this a great use of a day?  

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