Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signature Scent

I like to put on a spritz of perfume most days and was reflecting on my "signature scent".  Which prompted a walk down memory lane.
6th grade
Loves Baby Soft 
High School
Still liked Lauren but Liz Claiborne & Giorgio were hot!
Post College, Married, 2 kids
Most days I wear Annick Goutal - Hadrien
It's a clean fresh citrus scent.
I also like Prada, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Chanel No.5
What is your signature scent?


  1. I'm a Jicy girl! Your post made me think back to Sunflowers, though!

  2. Juicy- ugh I cant even spell :)

  3. I wear Eternity and love it (still). My mom started wearing it when I was in late high school b/c it was the only perfume that didn't give her a headache, and I followed suit. I have tried others but usually end up with a headache or wondering why something around me smells funny all day. I have heard great things about the Jo Malone perfumes, so I may check them out the next time I'm at Sephora.

  4. I love Tommy Bahama's St. Barts for Spring and Summer. I love Michael Kors for Winter. I also sometimes wear Very Sexy (the pink one) from Victoria's Secret in the form of the body spritz when its really hot out.

  5. I love Gucci Rush and now just got Gucci Flora. They both smell wonderful.

  6. Ralph Lauren Romance in the winter...

    and the Blue Ralph - Ralph Lauren in the summer!

  7. Burberry - the original one

  8. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. Love it!

  9. I remember baby soft...lol! I love perfume and my favorite summer scent is viva la juicy. In the winter I really like desire by victoria's secret.