Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm not referring to the Prince song but to:
conservative controversy - Ann Coulter
I consider myself a moderate Republican and I seem to have a love/hate relationship with her.  Whenever I see her on tv I find her condescending, not flexible and snarky - did you catch her interview with Joy Behar on Larry King Live (YIKES!)  YET, if I get beyond her delivery I think she has some valid opinions.  I've never read one of her books, so I decided to read her latest book while on vacation.  I went to the library to check it out but all 9 copies were out -- HMMMMM
So I ended up with "How to Talk to a Liberal" published in 10/04. It's a compilation of columns she wrote, focusing on the election and other current events of 04.  I did find it interesting and at times quite funny, even to the point of making Hubby read some lines.  She is definitely a bright woman, Cornell undergrad, U-Michigan Law School and she loves to reference LexisNexis as a research resource (I worked there for 10+ years).  
Do I like her?  The jury is out but I've requested a hold for her latest book.

Notice I even put her book picture to the far right :)

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