Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deal or Steal?

Went to the Kate Spade store to peek at the Hot Pink Quinn.
Kelly said, "Oh, those were from the Resort Collection 09 and we just sent them to the outlet stores."  HMMM.  She volunteered to find one for me because she recognizes a girl with a purse problem and she didn't want to call security.
Well, ladies here's what Kelly found for me: 

Original $395.00

Sale $275.00

Extra 30% off $192.50

Kate Spade Quinn Bag in Hibiscus

There could be better deals out there, but I know this one is authentic, brand new and I feel like I got a great steal.


  1. I think you did get a great steal too!

  2. this is how I find out my wife just spent $200 on a purse?

  3. Is that ^ really your hubs? Hilarious if it is!

  4. You got a GREAT steal - I LOVE IT!!!

  5. I absolutely love the bag and it's an awesome buy!! So funny though if that comment above is from your husband! Can we all have NO secrets?! LOL

  6. Lucky you!!

    I went into the Dallas KS store last Sunday to inquire and the lady was so rude I think my KS business is going to Nordies. Alas, such is life and I guess it was a sign I do not need another bag.