Monday, August 24, 2009

Winner Up

Jason Chiou
The State News

W had a soccer tournament this weekend, so we traveled home, 1st time since school was out in June. After 3 games, the boys qualified for the Championship Game -- against one of their biggest rivals in the state.

Game breakdown:
The boys were down 4-1 at half time. Looking defeated, tired...

2nd half starts, they scored a quick goal and there's a spark. They worked so hard in the 2nd half and at the end of the game it was tied 4-4. It was a nailbiter, there were so many chances for each team to break the tie.

5 minute overtime -- still tied.

On to PK's (penalty kicks).

These are 10 yr old boys and this was so much pressure, although they were all fired up!

End result: W's team lost by 1 goal.

They were so bummed, but more than anything they appeared to handle the loss gracefully, which is a huge step for this team b/c they are sooo competitive and tough losers. Maybe it was because they were physically and emotionally spent and had no energy left. They each received a nice medal and now they want to know when they meet the "Crew" again for a match up.

Post game:
Drive 3.5 hrs back to the cottage.


  1. Oh so tough to lose. Hope they win next time xoxo

  2. So so close! Those games can be so heartbreaking...!