Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming back as...

I used to want to come back as Christie Brinkley,

But now I've decided: Heidi Klum

She's naturally beautiful and seems to have it all together.
Although I wouldn't want to be pregnant again....

Who's your come back girl ?


  1. Excellent choice of Heidi. I just love her!

    I would so come back as Reese Witherspoon (she is just precious every second) or Paula Deen. Without a doubt.

  2. I'd want to come back as Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon!

  3. Great choice! I would come back as Christy Turlington & I would like to keep her husband, too! :)

  4. Back up girl ... love it! Mine: Kate Middleton! Xoxo-BLC