Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot Water or Cold Water?

Hubby went home for a few days and has informed me the hot water heater is leaking and we need to get a new one. Well, I'm all for hot showers, but since we are at the cottage for the summer, I thought perhaps it could wait. Could you shower at the neighbors? It's summer, a cold shower will do you good. Hubby explained it could blow at any time and leak all the water onto the finished lower level. HMMM...to buy it or to risk it....

Hot water heater installed this afternoon, all is well. I'll try it out after Labor Day. I guess no new school clothes for the kids (just joking)!


  1. aww that stinks! I agree that it definitely was better to do it than risk it though :)

  2. What a pain to deal with that while on vacation. I guess it's good that Hubby was home and had to deal with it :).