Thursday, October 15, 2009


Appliance - devices used to prepare your child for braces with the intention that the braces won't have to stay on as long....

We heard about this today at W's dentist appt and an ortho consult is upcoming. He's really excited about this (NOT!)

What ever happened to getting your braces in 7th or 8th grade ?? Wear for 2 yrs and you're done? That's what I did. Have our teeth/mouths changed that much ?? Oh, the agony of regular ortho visits, one more thing to get to.

P.S. Show me the money.


  1. I hear you as my oldest is in head gear right now and we have to go through this. Augh!
    Yes, where is that money tree?

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  2. I remember those ortho visits! AND I remember the pain! But I'm glad I suffered through it.

  3. Oh my yes you had to have all of your adult teeth. xoxo